12ga A Series Wad

Maxam A Series plastic wads for lead shot.

Great value wad for clays, pigeons & practical shotgun. 

These use high quality materials and an advanced treatment procedure to maintain perfect plasticity of its wads in order to obtain the best results in any shooting discipline achieving the following set of qualities:

- Softens recoil with the use of multiple o ring compression unit.
- Different shooting patterns spanning from the biggest spreads to high concentration levels.
- Ideal point of collapse.
- Guarantees sealing of gases for optimal compression rate.


The A-21 will load 32-34gram of lead in a 67-70mm case. Wad Lendth - 40mm

The A-24 will load 28gram of lead in a 70mm case. Wad Lendth - 44mm

The A-28 will load 24gram of lead in a 70mm case. Wad Lendth - 43mm

Article Code Price Stock  
500 12ga A-21 Wad WAD12A21 £10.50 Yes
500 12ga A-24 Wad WAD12A24 £10.50 Yes
500 12ga A-28 Wad WAD12A28 £10.50 Yes
4000 12ga A-21 Wad WAD12A21L £79.20 Yes
4000 12ga A-24 Wad WAD12A24L £79.20 Yes
4000 12ga A-28 Wad WAD12A28L £79.20 Yes