28ga B&P Wads

New B&P plastic small bore wads.

Available for numerous shot weights in 28ga loads B&P have extended their very popular range of 12ga, 20ga & 16ga wads. 

We have already had much sucess using the 21gram wad with SSB150 powder & the H06 wad for 26/27gram loads. Please contact us for further info. 

B&P H-18 for 21 - 24gram

B&P H-21 for 21gram 

B&P H-15 for 24 - 26gram

B&P H-06 for 26 - 27gram



Article Code Price Stock  
250 28ga B&P H18 Wads WAD28BPH18 £6.90 Yes
250 28ga B&P H21 Wads WAD28BPH21 £6.90 Yes
250 28ga B&P H15 Wads WAD28BPH15 £6.90 Yes
250 28ga B&P H06 Wads WAD28BPH06 £6.90 Yes