Long Range Controllers

Transmitters & Receivers for MEC Traps

Long Range is the industry standard for wireless trap release and target management. Whether you are a club owner or a backyard shooter, Long Range has the technology to improve your shooting experience. Wireless trap release has quickly become the standard in sports shooting. With Long Range’s transmitters and receivers, you are able to wirelessly fire traps with a push of a button. Long Range also offers voice activated technology that allows shooters to call for targets with the sound of your voice or the report from your gun.

Article Code Price Stock  
Wobble Receiver R4300W £ Yes
Receiver (Antenna Included) R4300 £ Yes
Voice Activated Digital Transmitter (8 Traps) Includes Microphone T8AV £ Yes
Voice Activated Transmitter (2 Traps) Includes Microphone T4300V £ Yes
Multi Trap Controller; includes USB charger and adapter (15 Traps total, 4 Wobbles) MT4300C £ Yes