Ponsenss Warren Automatic Shell Feeder

Spend less time reloading & more time shooting!

Mount this system to your machine and shells will automatically be placed on the shell seating post.

The large shell hopper holds 500 empty shells and feeds them brass-down onto the shell feed seating assembly.

The electric motor, which turns the sorting disc in the hopper, is equipped with a micro-switch, stopping the motor automatically when the feed tube is full.

 Installs quickly and easily on:

*  800Plus

*  Platinum 2000

*  950 Elite

*  900 Elite

*  L/S-1000 (if you have this model machine, please let us know as the chain is longer on the shellfeed for this machine)


-The Shell Feed is for 12ga. only

-Power cord not included

Article Code Price Stock  
P/W Automatic Shell Feeder SHELLFEED £445.00 Yes
P/W Shell Drop Tube SHELL0028 £34.50 Yes
P/W Shell Feed Chain Assy for LS1000 SHELL0039 £9.00 Yes