Ponsness Warren Miscellaneous

Various P/W parts we have in stock.

We have many P/W parts on stock, old and new. If you cant find what you're looking for, please call our office 01482 631066.

Article Code Price Stock  
P/W Primer Feed Ram MULT480500 £21.00 Yes
P/W Powder Shut Off SIZE06B000 £18.00 Yes
P/W Powder Reservoir Cup O Ring DUOM040300 £3.00 No
P/W Shot & Powder Handles SIZE070000 £5.25 Yes
P/W 12ga Flare Tool Assy. FLARETOOL12 £17.40 Yes
P/W Primer Feed Adjusting Ring BRASS001 £15.00 No
P/W 12ga Die Cleaner Brush BRUSS0012 £4.50 No
P/W Shot Shut Off SIZE06A000 £18.00 Yes
P/W 800 Plus Die Pins PLUS23001 £4.90 Yes
P/W Shot & Powder Drop Tube 28ga DUOM150028 £21.90 No
P/W Primer Post Pin CONV480300 £9.60 No
P/W Die Access Plate SIZE410700 £8.40 Yes
P/W Primer Feed Ram Assy. SIZE480517 £30.00 No
P/W Finish Knockout Shaft SIZE130500 £14.40 Yes
P/W 375C Charging Ring DUOM070000 £24.00 Yes
P/W 12ga Shell Seating Post SIZE4320200 £24.00 Yes
P/W 8-32 Plated Nut MULT521400 £1.25 Yes
P/W Index Pad SIZE430100 £75.00 Yes
P/W Primer Deflector Complete DUOM250000 £21.00 Yes
P/W Jam Nut 3/8-24 DUOM350700 £2.00 Yes
P/W Wad Guide Cup 10ga TENG200200 £14.00 No
P/W 375 Top Plate Assy Complete DUOM040000 £67.50 No
P/W Wad Guide Housing 12GA DUOM20000 £15.00 No
P/W Tru Crimp Final Crimp 12ga 375C TRUCR375C £63.00 No
P/W Shot & Powder Tube Lid DUOM010000 £5.40 No
P/W Shot & Powder Tube (with Baffle) TENG0200WB £21.90 No
P/W Crimp Starter Repair Kit WIREREPKIT £11.40 No
P/W Gear Rack Complete SIZE090000 £38.40 No
P/W Primer Knockout Pin DUOM140200 £8.16 Yes
P/W Shot Gear SIZE08a000 £17.40 Yes
P/W Powder Gear SIZE08b000 £17.40 Yes
P/W Upper Actuating Arm SIZE290100 £12.00 Yes
P/W 20ga Flaring Tool Assy. FLARETO20 £17.40 Yes
P/W 28ga Flare Tool Assy. FLARETOOL028 £17.40 Yes
P/W 10-32 x 1/4 Screw MULT520500 £2.80 Yes
Ponsness Warren 800B - Button Head Cap Screw 3/8-16 SIZE120200 £2.40 Yes